Now is the time to reach out and reassure

(A great vet practice marketing plan could help you retain clients and gain new ones if you keep communicating correctly)

Get your custom  vet practice marketing plan and give every customer the reassurance they need, right now!

Firstly, congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to proving you have what it takes to change the way you communicate with your clients.

Don't wait... Marketing your vet practice has never been more crucial than right now!

The whole landscape has changed recently. Some of the changes will remain permanent as people get used to – and enjoy – an easier life through online communication, delivery, and- where appropriate – remote reassurance from their service providers. This is not the time to halt all the progress you’ve made with this but is the time to work out how best to integrate it into your range of services. Clients are now actively looking for these options, and as we don’t yet know how many backwards and forwards steps there will be before the eventual end to this particular pandemic, it’s essential that any forward-moving practice continues to adapt to the needs of their clients.

We will work with you to develop a plan that will help you deal with – and thrive – through the changes the community you look after are experiencing whilst still giving your clients service that exceeds expectations.

This is an ideal time to grow awareness amongst your community and your active clients and to build loyalty through adapting to the ever-changing situation.

Your clients are actively searching for information they trust, and reassurance that they and their pets will be looked after no matter what. Some still have more spare time than usual to worry about this, and others will be facing a financial squeeze.  It’s critical that we shift how we do things to offer reassurance and information, remind people of the importance of taking care of their pet and how not doing so can end up being a false economy.

This plan aims to position you as a reliable source of information, a place of reassurance, and a practice whose services actively reflect the needs of the community.

During the strictest period of lockdown, we’ve seen practices who have been engaged, responsive and aware messengers of hope in their local area actually GROW. They’ve gained new clients and increased the membership of the health plan DESPITE BEING CLOSED. Their brand has become stronger, existing clients loyal and engaged, and recurring monthly revenue increased. And it’s all through communication.

DON’T DELAY. Take the first step NOW and ask us how you too can set yourselves up for this kind of success – even through the most challenging times.

Best wishes,
Jacqui Lay

(Ask me about our marketing plans – a 90-day marketing strategy built specifically for your practice to make sure you come out of this stronger than ever.)

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