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GDPR… play it cool, Trig

GDPR… play it cool, Trig This morning, one of our suppliers blew it. They never send emails. And I mean never. Admittedly, we haven’t used their services in a few years, but the last message I had from them was a personal email in response to a query – in 2014. At the...

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Simple, no-nonsense brand positioning tips for vets

Brand positioning - all vets need to read this It’s marketing jargon, but in a nutshell brand positioning is a statement that everyone within the practice knows is their true reason for existing in the market.  It should shape all your marketing and brand decisions...

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Direct Mail vs Email – Who wins? The ultimate Infographic!

Direct mail or email? It is arguably one of the longest standing debates in vet marketing.  70% of consumers reportedly feel like they receive too many emails, something we can all empathise with. But how can we change the sentiment consumers feel when we market to...

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From "Woohoo!" To "What the heck?"

I'm sharing everything on my journey to help one practice from 5% to 50% membership of their preventative healthcare plan