Adams Vets Website design project – Your site could be like this too!

Client testimonial:

Website design for Adams Vets

Adams Vets have two thriving practices in the Liverpool area. Their website was somewhat outdated in terms of technology and the design certainly needed to be bought up to their current branding. Our brief was to make this more user-friendly and work on a mobile or tablet.

The main problem as with most websites we redesign, is that the sitemap structure is not clearly developed. Pages that don’t feature in a menu, or menus with 10-20 items make navigation difficult and frustrating for the user. A good website should be intuitive to use, allowing the user to move around the site with ease and should never lead a user to a dead-end page.

Having consolidated and removed unused pages from the website, we ensured the health plan was made prominent in the menu and used the great photography to create some engaging pages that were easy to navigate and had a good call to action. 

The existing website had facilities and services across a number of separate pages – this is a really inefficient use of website space and horrible for users having to click through to several pages to reach the information they want. We chose to consolidate all these pages into an easy to use single page with a jump menu at the top that keeps the user in one helpful place.

Our approach ensures your customers old and new can access your website quickly, understand your services, engage with your offers and ultimately book an appointment, download a helpful guide on pet care or join your healthcare plan.

If you want a website that will help your customers do all those things, give us a call on 01202 028 125.


Website features

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly (responsive) websites work on all platforms and devices. Our websites are compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Website Division

The site is split into two sections, to make it useul for Pet and Farm clients alike.

Online Booking

Pet customers are able to book routine appointments and order repeat prescriptions through the website.

Email marketing

Building a database of emails is the way to correctly market to your customers. We set up an email marketing platform, collect data, create emails and schedule them for you.


Blog / News

Content is king. Every website should feature a blog or news section that is updated on a regular basis. Your customers love to hear your news and google does too.

Google map

Including a google map on your website makes it very easy for your customers to find you. Especially useful for mobile customers who may be trying to find you whilst traveling.


Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Every webpage is built with basic SEO as standard. We choose keywords, Eg. ‘Fulham Vet’ and build those terms into the fabric of the  page. We offer various levels of optimisation depending on what you’d like to achieve.

Facebook Feed

Keep users updated with your social media activity using a live stream from your practice facebook page directly to your website.

Events calendar

Events calendars are essential for busy practices to let your customers know about the events you provide and attend.


This website includes an SSL Certificate. SSL offers reassurance for customers transacting online and is the best and most secure way to protect user data and defend against identity theft.

We can help you build a website your customers will want to use

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