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Website for Castle Vets

First things first – understanding the practice and its customers

Castle Vets initially approached us in 2017 to help them with a brand refresh. They had recently switched healthcare plan payment providers to our sister company Easy Direct Debits, and they were instantly saving admin time and money whilst offering clients a significantly better service. The practice was keen to ensure their brand reflected this high standard in a consistent way across all touch points and that their direction was refocused on growth.

We offer several branding packages that start at £399 for a facelift and go up to £1,299 for full rebranding and design of core essential printed materials. Our work for Castle involved an initial research stage including a full marketing audit, generating profiles of both typical and ideal clients to discover where they spent their time (online, on Facebook, reading the local paper, if they work during the day, how much they typically spend each year on their pets, which pets they have etc) and consulting with practice staff from the top down to discover how these key stakeholders felt about the practice, what they thought the strong points were, and what needed to change to bring them up-to-date.

We discovered the three primary core values that stakeholders in and out of the practice felt strongly about were service, heritage & care. With this as a starting point, we designed a range of logos that followed these values.

Some of the logo design concept we presented:

A decision couldn’t be made on how to move forward with a new design as for historical and political reasons the practice decided to remain committed to their original branding. To tidy things up, we refreshed and redrew the original Castle Vets icon and introduced a stronger typeface.

Although the outcome of this rebranding wasn’t as we’d originally imagined, it was by no means fruitless and resulted bonding the team and consolidating their collective understanding of the way they wanted to move forward as a business.

With renewed enthusiasm and the fresh eyes given by going through the marketing audit and brand refresh process, Castle asked us to create a new website for them that accurately reflected their fresh, modern and caring approach. The practice already knew how quickly and accurately we worked, and how we listen hard to ensure everything we do exceeds expectations, so it made sense for them to continue their brand development and focus with us.

We’ve been creating beautiful, fluid sites that work on any device for vets for many years, and know what works and what doesn’t within this marketplace. Our sites are robust, can be easily added to as the business grows (shops, online booking etc), are fully search engine optimized as standard, and can be edited in-house or we can do it. We offer vet-specific copywriting services, so even if you don’t have text we can provide that for you to speed things along.

Our primary vision with a website is to offer excellent service to those visiting it, and inform clients and potential clients of the benefits of joining the health plan.

The old Castle Vets website was quite awkward to read and navigate with no clear paths to anything, and this wasn’t helped by both companion animal and farm appearing together. These are two very separate markets with different interests, so we quickly decided that the practice would be more accurately represented to clients by offering two clearly defined areas.


As with other multi-species vet websites we’ve designed, we decided it would work best split into colour-coded sections with separate sub-menus.

The focus of the companion animal website was to drive traffic to the health plan page, so to give this additional clarity throughout we decided to rebrand the health plan as the Castle Care Club and design a clear, simple logo for it that would act as a visual reference on and offline. To ensure consistency and reinforce the value of the club throughout, we made sure to include plenty of Call to Action’s (CTA’s) in all the relevant areas of the website, particularly in the service section where we talk about consultations, parasite treatments and other benefits included in the healthcare plan.

We used the new Castle Care Club branding to great effect on the staff page where we were able to dedicate some extra space to Rosie, the healthcare plan administrator. It made sense to put a friendly face as a contact point for the Care Club whilst adding additional links back to the health plan page which help to drive traffic.

From a client perspective, the website design is much cleaner and simpler than before. It’s less fussy and it’s easy for users to find their way around.

From an internal perspective, it’s easy for staff to access and make changes to web pages and add blog posts.

To encourage regular updates and keep websites fresh and relevant, we are happy to schedule, write and load regular blog posts that are then linked through to social media pages. These can be written according to seasonal interests, or if the practice is offering anything in particular that month (for example dental promotions) and can be agreed in advance, signed off and uploaded according to the agreed schedule. These can be added to by posts directly from the practice, and this is the service that Castle decided on. It’s really difficult to remember to write relevant content every month when you have another job to do, so being able to out-source this has really helped keep things fresh.

All the posts we write educate clients on services, and where possible these are service that they can benefit from discounts on as a Castle Care Club member. We measure the performance of our sites as standard, and healthcare plan related content is proven to generate more website traffic. This has been particularly successful for Castle Vets with defined spikes in website traffic when we add new blog posts, and subsequently, share them on social media.

Once a site is up and running, we ensure the website is kept up-to-date and that all technical updates are applied. We monitor performance and makes any tweaks we feel would improve it and can also create and add content and move things around depending on the practice focus and goals. This monthly concierge service is an optional one and Castle Vets find it offers them fixed-rate marketing support and website content generation, plus access the design studio for additional website projects.

Competition from other local vet practices is high around Castle Vets, so having the best website and the best support team behind it ensures it stays at the forefront of search engine results for ‘vets in Launceston’. (click the link to see the current ranking) ‘vets in Launceston’. (click the link to see the current ranking)

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Simple, beautiful, highly-functional sites cost from just £2,500 including stock images and built-in SEO from launch and are significantly less for Easy Direct Debit practices.

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Online Booking

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Email marketing

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