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Mount Vets is a very successful practice based in Wellington with two branches in the same town covering both domestic pets and farm clients in the local area. We’ve worked with the team for many years on design and print of marketing materials, and our sister company Easy Direct Debits manages their pet healthcare plan. The time came for a website refresh that reflected the relocation of the main companion animal business to new, purpose-built and modern premises whilst not alienating their loyal and more traditional large animal clients.

Creating a better user experience

As a multi-discipline practice offering pet, farm, poultry and equine services, Mount Vets were keen to find a solution that helped them clearly define each sub-group in its own right and ensure that the client not only felt that the site was directed at them and their needs but could quickly find the information they required. Attention spans online vary but more than three clicks to find something you’re looking for is considered to be quite a journey by many visitors, and with so much information in so many places on the old site, expectations were not being met.


Changing the way customers find information

The existing site was extremely difficult to navigate simply because it had grown beyond its original remit and the business had different branding across all species groups, but all in the same place.

The division of services and branding was our biggest challenge. We tackled it by consulting with Mount and deciding on the distinct messaging for each sector and being clear about that, then looking at it from a client perspective. What would a client want to know? In speed order, what would they need to find first, and what message did we want to make clear to them? Combining these two made sure the new site worked for everyone, and delivered the good user experience we strive for.

We split the initial landing page into four clearly defined and colour-coded sections and opted to dismiss the branding at this point in favour of simply allowing the user to choose where they wanted to go.

Multiple logos would have been visually confusing at this point and were unnecessary to experience or functionality, especially when viewed on a mobile device.

Making our sites look great on mobiles is essential, as 48% of people say a mobile device is their preferred way to access the internet compared to 21% for laptops and just 9% for PC’s. In 2018, 53% of Google searches were done on a mobile device and this is growing rapidly, so not being fully functional is business-limiting, and we don’t offer it as an option.

Removing out-of-date content

Once we’d successfully sifted through the content on the old website we were able to completely delete irrelevant out-of-date information, but also combine many pages into one more useful, easier to digest section. This worked well for the service sections in both companion animal and farm pages allowing us to make smaller, easy to navigate information panels:

Simple website editing for the practice staff

As well as being user-friendly for clients, we built this website so that each separate business area has its own branded content management system (CMS). This means that as a member of the poultry team I have my own login details and can access only the pages I need to see. My personal interface is branded and colour coded to match the poultry section on the front of the main website, and I don’t have to worry that I am affecting anything else on the rest of the website. This is the same for the companion animal, farm and equine disciplines, each having their own dedicated users and colour-coded CMS areas.

A complex website made simple

This web build was very involved and timing was crucial, but the project was completed (and within budget) in time for the opening of the new small animal hospital. Traffic to the site has increased, and healthcare plan membership has grown and continues to grow as a direct result of the website making it obvious and the benefits clear.

Need a new site? We can help you, and we know exactly where to start…

This is your practice and we want to help you achieve your goals, so we ALWAYS begin a project by finding out what you believe in, where you want to position yourself, what you want your website to do for you, then take it from there. We then start to look at everything from a client’s perspective.

We build your website as if we are your client or dream potential client. We think about how they need to use the site when they are in an emergency, as well as when they simply want to find out more about the services offered.

User experience is really important for many reasons, but one big reason is that every experience is linked to their perception of your brand. This acts as a sponge for everything they see, hear and feel about you, so it’s essential that the site is frustration-free, knowledgeable, well-targeted, fresh and easy to use on any device. We try to ensure your customers find the information they need as quickly and in as fewer mouse clicks as possible – for example clearly displaying phone numbers and out-of-hours information, and having quick-to-find maps to branches. We don’t bury content in pages that can never be found – you can find every page of your site from our simple menu systems.

If you are bamboozled by the internet but want a website that not only works for your customers but increases your own productivity and doesn’t generate a sigh (or scream) every time it is mentioned, we can help!

Call us on 01202 028 125, email us at or fill in the ‘contact us’ form and we’ll arrange a time to have a quick chat.

Website features

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly (responsive) websites work on all platforms and devices. Our websites are compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Website Division

The site is split into two sections, to make it useul for Pet and Farm clients alike.

Online Booking

Pet customers are able to book routine appointments and order repeat prescriptions through the website.

Email marketing

Building a database of emails is the way to correctly market to your customers. We set up an email marketing platform, collect data, create emails and schedule them for you.


Blog / News

Content is king. Every website should feature a blog or news section that is updated on a regular basis. Your customers love to hear your news and google does too.

Google map

Including a google map on your website makes it very easy for your customers to find you. Especially useful for mobile customers who may be trying to find you whilst traveling.


Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Every webpage is built with basic SEO as standard. We choose keywords, Eg. ‘Fulham Vet’ and build those terms into the fabric of the  page. We offer various levels of optimisation depending on what you’d like to achieve.

Facebook Feed

Keep users updated with your social media activity using a live stream from your practice facebook page directly to your website.

Events calendar

Events calendars are essential for busy practices to let your customers know about the events you provide and attend.


This website includes an SSL Certificate. SSL offers reassurance for customers transacting online and is the best and most secure way to protect user data and defend against identity theft.

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