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Website for Parkside Vets

This multi-species vet website (small animal, equine and farm) was completely redesigned, re-constructed and remapped to be a user-friendly and helpful website for Parkside Vet’s customers.

The existing website was a behemoth of a site which was bloated and confused from years of constant additions with no clear focal points.

Our approach

Vet Success’s design approach is always to lead the user to the items we want them to see, we mostly focus the content on driving traffic towards the client’s health plan, via a combination of Call To Actions (CTA’s) and targetted blog posts and news items.

With Parkside’s website, we began by analysing the current content and traffic (via Google analytics), consolidating content where possible and removing unused or irrelevant pages. This helped us to slim down the site from over 300 pages to 142 pages.

Multi-species website

With every multi-species vet website we design, we tend to break out each species into a separate ‘mini’ website within the domain. So in this instance when you arrive at, you will be asked which ‘mini’ website you would like to enter – Pets, Horses or Farm.

This makes the site really user-friendly and means that all the content for pets is kept together and does not include content from the other two species. This makes sense from a user perspective as they only see the information they chose to view and for Parkside website management is much easier and straight forward. Each ‘mini’ website has its own navigation and feels like a pet, horse or farm website.

Our website design never leaves the user trapped in one place. This is an important note. From any point in any of the species-specific websites, you can access every other part of the entire domain via a footer menu (see image below)

Example footer from a multi species vet website:


The existing website was a little jumbled, but mostly had become unmanageable, with multiple hidden menus and pages that the user would have struggled to find. Page re-structuring was certainly required, plus a new format and style was desperately needed to reduce the busy page layouts that made the website difficult to view and navigate.

We needed to create a clutter-free, less dense viewing experience to encourage longer page views and reduce bounce rates.

See the difference below:


Website features

Website Division

The site is split into two sections, to make it useul for Pet, Equine and Farm clients alike.

Online Booking

Pet customers are able to book routine appointments and order repeat prescriptions through the website.

Events calendar

Events calendars are essential for busy practices to let your customers know about the events you provide and attend.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly (responsive) websites work on all platforms and devices. Our websites are compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.


Client Testimonials

Testimonials reinforce the quality of your services. There is nothing better than a positive review to help boost the feeling that a user might have for your practice online.

Facebook Feed

Keep users updated with your social media activity using a live stream from your practice facebook page directly to your website.


Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Every webpage is built with basic SEO as standard. We choose keywords, Eg. 'Vets in Yeovil' and build those terms into the fabric of the  page. We offer various levels of optimisation depending on what you'd like to achieve.

Google map

Including a google map on your website makes it very easy for your customers to find you. Especially useful for mobile customers who may be trying to find you whilst traveling.


Blog / News

Content is king. Every website should feature a blog or news section that is updated on a regular basis. Your customers love to hear your news and google does too.


This website includes an SSL Certificate. SSL offers reassurance for customers transacting online and is the best and most secure way to protect user data and defend against identity theft.

We can help you build a website your customers will want to use

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