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Client testimonial:

Branding and website design for Riverside Vets Benfleet

Riverside Vets in Benfleet is a small, independent vet practice in Essex.

They approached Vetsuccess for a completely new brand and a website to match – they didn’t have a website, so we help them with choosing a url and advised them on the SEO benefits of getting the right one.

It’s fair to say that this project was hassle free with the client fully engaged and enthused about creating the perfect brand for them. They were extremely helpful when it came to feedback, with detailed constructive comments that ensured the job was completed swiftly and in the correct time frame.

Top Tip: Keep the branding decision-makers to a tight group in the practice.
If you are instructing a design agency to create a new brand for your business, it’s so important to be open-minded and clear about your requirements from the start. It is not uncommon for a branding project to spiral out of control when too many decision-makers are involved and too many opinions are considered.

Of course, it’s natural for you to want to include your entire team, but including them at the start could be your downfall to reaching the perfect brand. We find that if you wish to include the full team, do this stage at a point where the original decision-makers have selected their preferred design options, then allow your full team to vote. This makes for a fully inclusive, but decisive process that everyone can feel part of.

Logo concepts:

© VetSuccess Logo designs for Riverside Vets Benfleet

© VetSuccess Logo designs for Riverside Vets Benfleet

We can spend as much or as little time as you like when it comes to branding. But in order to give you the best chance of reaching a successful logo design, we’d expect to spend a minimum of a few days on any branding project.

Riverside had a clear idea about what they wanted so, this made this project very straight forward. They wanted animals! Friendly and fun, and that’s what we gave them.

Website design

Vet Success’s design approach is always to provide the best user experience possible whilst also intentionally leading the user to the items we want them to see. 

We focus the website design so that it naturally channels traffic towards the client’s health plan. This is usually via a combination of clear call to actions (CTA’s) and targetted blog posts and news items.

The brief was to keep the design simple and clean, and through the choice of two strong colours of purple and green, we were able to make a really striking but easy-on-the-eye design.

Focusing on the health plan from the outset and including the usual services and facilities pages, ensured Google had enough vet specific keywords to help the practice reach the top of the organic results for ‘vet in Benfleet‘. There is lots of local vet competition including some big corporate vets who have resorted to using Google Ads to help them feature in the results ( the natural, organic position of this site proves the power of having good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and quality content from the start of any new website).

Riverside Vets has been brilliant at adding regular useful content to their blog, which has also kept Google happy with their regular website updates.

Website features

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly (responsive) websites work on all platforms and devices. Our websites are compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Email marketing

Building a database of emails is the way to correctly market to your customers. We set up an email marketing platform, collect data, create emails and schedule them for you.


Blog / News

Content is king. Every website should feature a blog or news section that is updated on a regular basis. Your customers love to hear your news and google does too.

Google map

Including a google map on your website makes it very easy for your customers to find you. Especially useful for mobile customers who may be trying to find you whilst traveling.


Search Engine Optimised (SEO)

Every webpage is built with basic SEO as standard. We choose keywords, Eg. 'Vets in Yeovil' and build those terms into the fabric of the  page. We offer various levels of optimisation depending on what you'd like to achieve.


This website includes an SSL Certificate. SSL offers reassurance for customers transacting online and is the best and most secure way to protect user data and defend against identity theft.

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