Preventative healthcare packs

Boost your healthcare plan membership with a branded client pack

Tailored packs for dogs, cats and rabbits give new members of your preventative healthcare scheme something to take away which reassures them from the outset that they made the right choice by joining.

Each pack contains healthcare advice to help keep pets in tip-top condition with sections including dental care, nutrition, parasites, behaviour and travel.

Everyday advice tells owners what to look out for, and when to contact their vet for advice.

A clear timetable shows which visits to the practice are included in your scheme, and there’s a section to keep health assessment records, weight charts and vaccination records.

Preventative healthcare packs can be supplied with supporting point of sale materials including fade-resistant & wipe clean posters for reception and consultation rooms, pull-up banners, pvc banners and flags for outdoor use, mousemats, mugs, badges, fridge magnets – everything you need to increase awareness of the scheme and build membership as quickly as possible.

With increasing competition in this field you need to ensure that your service is differentiated on grounds other than price. There are no winners in a price war with your local competitors. Clients will pay for the perceived value in your scheme, so if new membership to your scheme depends on a tatty leaflet that has remained on your reception desk for the last two years you might be wondering why your membership has reached a plateau or is dwindling.

Typically, introducing new client packs for your preventative healthcare scheme takes 4-6 weeks, although one client in a hurry took half that time.

For more information about how these packs could help your practice, please call 01202 028 125.

Are you ready to increase your customer base with a cohesive PHC scheme?