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“GDPR for vets and how it affects your practice”

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On May 25th 2018 the laws regarding the way your vet practice stores client data changed, and you need to make sure that you’re compliant now!

What does GDPR stand for?

General Data Protection Regulation

The new rules are complex and extensive, so here we’re going to pull out the main points and just include the relevant areas.

This GDPR for vets guide will help you work through the steps needed to get compliant.

The basic premise of the new law is that people have to explicitly opt-in to any marketing, and have the right to:

Know what data you’re collecting
Know what you’re keeping
Know what you’re going to do with it
Be forgotten (and therefore have all data that relates to them removed)

The best way to start is to do an information audit of the information you collect and hold on individuals.

This applies not only to clients but also to staff and suppliers.

B2B is still included in GDPR, but the main concern is individuals who work for these businesses.

We’ve compiled a (relatively!) simple list to work through to make sure you’re compliant by May and your healthcare plan and marketing activities aren’t suddenly cut short by red tape.

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