Direct mail or email?

It is arguably one of the longest standing debates in vet marketing.  70% of consumers reportedly feel like they receive too many emails, something we can all empathise with. But how can we change the sentiment consumers feel when we market to them. we don’t want to turn them of, we need to turn them on!

As our virtual inboxes reach the thousands, each email has less and less impact unless it’s completely on target and contains information that’s right for you. The average lifespan of an email is just two seconds, meaning the chances of anyone engaging with your message is slim.

Whilst digital media is still a crucial part of marketing, you must consider HOW it has an impact on people’s consciousness before you decide how to build it in to an effective campaign. In the infographic below we compare the statistics of direct mail versus email.

The evidence suggests we need to re-evaluate the way we use email, rather than thinking of it as a cheap form of marketing.

How can we best utilise emails best strengths?

If we continue to bombard customers with off-target or too-frequent messages we risk alienating them – so we need to change our processes.

As the effectiveness of email marketing declines, the response to direct mail is on the rise.

The humble printed message has once again become a trusted form of consumer engagement.

Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of each media it seems the rising popularity of direct mail could work to reinforce email if used in the right combination.

Direct Mail vs. Email - Who wins?

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