Small animal and equine welcome packs

Designed to reinforce your practices brand and create bonded clients

A cost-effective way to give existing and prospective clients all the information they need about your practice in one go: the services you offer, your terms & conditions, price lists, preventative healthcare benefits, emergency out-of-hours information, ‘meet the team’, etc.

These can be produced as A4 or A5 packs, and the loose-leaf inserts mean that if anything changes you can replace one sheet instead of re-printing a whole brochure. If you’ve got your heart set on a glossy brochure we can help with that too, but we treat our clients’ money as our own – and if it was our money, we’d be wondering if clients would come and see us more often (or spend more money) if we spent thousands of pounds on a brochure that might need to be re-printed if something changed? Probably not.

As with many of the printed packs we produce for vets, we provide sample text to get you started. It’s quicker than writing everything from scratch but everything in the pack is completely customisable to suit you and your practice. It’s much easier to read some text and immediately decide what you’d like to change than spend half an hour looking at a blank screen and thinking how, really, you’d like to put this off until tomorrow.

From start to finish, you could have a new Welcome Pack for your practice within a couple of weeks. Many of our other clients came to us having had this as a job on their ‘To Do’ list for months, if not years. They are almost always amazed at how easy the process is, and wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Don’t be like them.


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