Brand Development

Logo design, brand creation, brochures, & client packs

Deciding on your brand image is a key part of making it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you. Branding includes everything from the name of your business (and your products and services), your pricing and the tone of your marketing to the way in which your service is delivered.

There’s no point having smart uniforms and an immaculate reception area if the person sitting behind the desk looks up and snarls when a customer walks in. There’s also little merit in having a client information pack that speaks of your commitment to excellence if it’s printed on the office printer, includes typos, and has a logo you designed yourself.

We can help you gain and maintain congruence, and reinforce at every customer touchpoint what makes you different.

You don’t need a big budget to look and feel as though you’ve considered the way your practice presents itself. The investment you make in building or refreshing your brand – done properly – will pay for itself many times over.

Ways we can help with brand development:

– Complete logo development or redevelopment

  • Portray the personality of your practice
  • Differentiate from other vets
  • Reinforce positioning

– Review existing marketing materials

– Introduce consistency in all communications including stationery, print and digital marketing

– Revitalise your image to help you stand out in a busy market place


The Vet Success design studio help you to create amazing…

– Welcome packs
  • Reassure new clients
  • Consistent with  brand
  • Clear communication
  • Comply with RCVS code of conduct (informing clients of out-of-hours cover etc
 – Preventatitve healthcare packs
– Point of sale material (eg posters, pull-up banners, leaflets etc)
– Vaccination Records
  • Reassure new members of the value that membership offers
  • Clear communication of whole of life care for members’ pets
  • Tips for best practice pet care
– Appointment cards & stationery

Develop your practice's branding with Vet Success

Talk to us about logo development, design and print of welcome packs, preventative healthcare packs, point of sale material, vaccination records, appointment cards, stationery and more…